parking heaters

We supply and fit auxillary parking heaters to most cars and trucks :

We have the latest diagnostic equipment to enable us to fault find service and repair Eberspacher and Webasto parking heaters.


What are the benifits of a parking heater?

Get into a cosy warm car and enjoy the many benefits an Eberspacher or Webasto Parking Heater has to offer. Start the day in a good mood by upgrading your car with a Parking Heater.

Eberspacher and Webasto Parking Heaters use only a minimal amount of fuel. The fuel used by the Parking Heater compensates almost completely for the savings which are achieved by pre-warming the engine.
Warmth from the start, No more Ice scraping No more Ice scraping...just get in : Getting up early to scrape the ice from your windscreen that's all in the past. Start your day relaxed and comfortable with a Parking Heaters from Eberspacher and Webasto. Look forward to getting into your cosy car.
Warmth from the start : The vehicle interior is at a comfortable temperature from the start of your journey. Frozen hands, shivering and cold feet could be a thing of the past.
Time saving and effortless : You save time when you use a Parking Heater. No more scraping ice off the windows, wiping damp surfaces and running the engine up to temperature.

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